Rum Punch and Beignets

At Rum Punch & Beignets you’ll find candid conversations about current events & everyday life with young teedies who simply don’t give a fuck! Co-hosted by Teedy B & Teedy Dom, these friends are just here to share their personal experience and unfiltered opinions. Consider us your favorite auntie’s gumbo! Enjoy!



Dominique is an internationally published writer & editor who has been featured in the Davi Magazine, based in the UK. She has also been featured (2018).
She believes that laughter is best for your soul. Her life goals include being able to continue to be used as a vessel to reach others, continue to write (comfortably of course), drink mimosas & write to her hearts desire until her time is up. You can catch her every Wednesday on the beautiful Rum Punch & Beignets Podcast!”

Peace & Love
Dom ✨

Brittany Eve

Brittany Eve aka Teedy B is the spit fire of the RP&B duo. This young teedy was raised in New Orleans most of her life and she embodies every bit of her surroundings. She quick with her tongue and has no qualms about backing up anything she says. B is sweet, she is spice and can definitely nice but you’ll never be able to play with her twice.

S2E24 – No Struggle Love

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