Thic In the Trenches

Thic in the Trenches is more than a podcast of two Tulane football players talking about their sport experiences. T.I.T.T. takes the average person into the minds and lives of two thic men as they embark on a journey of fun and friendship. Come get thic with us!

· About Us ·

Ethan Marcus

Ethan is a co host of Thic in the Trenches podcast. The thiccer of the two, Ethan is from East Rockaway, NY. He currently plays on Tulane University’s Football team. He has a passion for food and needs to make people laugh or else he cries himself to sleep. He loves a slice of pizza or a nice bagel and through it all is still considered “an athlete.”

Noah Taliancich

Noah Taliancich is a co host of Thic in the trenches. Noah grew up in the New Orleans area. He currently plays football at Tulane university. Noah is passionate about sports and meeting new people. He is also very Thic.