We’ve all heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” Most people attribute this quote to be from Albert Einstein, but it’s actually from the mystery novelist, Rita Mae Brown. (This has nothing to do with the article. I’m trying to prevent others from attributing this quote to Einstein.) 

The quote is important, though. Insanity. Doing things over and over. Precedent. These all seem to be American ideals. Our entire justice system is based upon precedent. Someone in the past did something and a judge made a ruling. Similar cases will use that case for precedent to argue for the same ruling. This, in theory, is how the justice system operates from the Supreme Court down to the lower local courts. 

Not only in the courts, but precedent is also involved in everyday societal matters. Essentially, they are our order of operations. Example: when a mother cooks a meal for her family. She will usually cook that meal, if she’s prepared it before, in the same order that she previously prepared it desiring the same result. 

What happens when we desire a different result?

A couple of days ago, an 18 year-old man murdered 19 kids and 2 teachers in a Texas elementary school. 

He was able to purchase multiple highly efficient assault rifles, legally. He was able to gain entry into the school by by-passing security and opening fire on any individual in his path. In America, we’ve had more mass shootings than days in 2022. We have a problem. We’ve always had a problem. 

One side of politics wants to tell Americans that we should have stricter “gun control” surrounded by preemptive background checks. The other side wants to tell Americans that the 2nd Amendment protects us in the right to bear arms

Now, what usually happens is the mass shooting cycle. 1) NRA sponsored individuals will say that the shooter is a lone wolf. The individual is insane, bullied, and acted alone. 2) The other side will attempt a benign push for “gun control”. 3) The media will promote both to the extreme. 4) Thoughts and prayers to the victims’ family. 5) Nothing will be done on either side. 6Another shooting will occur. 


A precedent had been set. Since Sandy Hook, we, as a country, have been okay with kids being the sacrificial little lambs in the face of owning a gun. Those children were almost finished with school and off for summer break. Vacations were planned. As a father, I felt sick for those parents.

Yes, we should have the right to purchase guns, but we should also require background checks, especially on high powered rifles like the AR-15. Death by gun is the highest cause of death for children, per the New England Journal of Medicine. If a new precedent isn’t set, we will see more kids dying from gun fire. 


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  1. Larry Lancelin says:

    Well said brother 💪🏾!