Aight. So Boom. Memphis Tennessee-

A black Mecca if you will. Home of many things I appreciate, BBQ, Blues, 36 Mafia, Project Pat, Jookin, Young Dolph (Rip Flippa), and to be honest the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizz has an organizational model I’m low-key jealous of. They draft very well, they make key smart acquisitions, and they have the most exciting player in basketball.

Enter The New Orleans Pelicans (insert Pelican war cry right here) 2023-2024 season. Have you ever listened to 22 Two’s by Hov or Why by Poet Laureate Jadkiss? That’s kind of how the Pelicans have been operating over the last 3 seasons. The talent is there but still so many unanswered questions.


– me

The entire preseason the Pels players/coaches have had the same mindset, “we squandered a golden opportunity last year, it’s time to stand on business”.

Game One in the Grind City (pause) Brandon Ingram set the tone early hitting some very difficult but beautiful mid-range jumpers. B.I. was hot as fish grease. In my opinion, Brandon is the vehicle that makes this thing work. If he’s willing to turn down some iso look for more movement and get others involved, then this mf will run smoothly. Point BI was in full effect, it’s a work in progress but a wonderful sight to see. Very maestro-esque.

Jonas did Jonas-type things and despite the criticism of his foot speed, he did an awesome job defensively holding JJJ to 8 points. Double-doubles to JV are what breathing air is to civilians. It’s what he does.

Christian James 37 minutes, 24 points, 6 made 3s, 6 assists. Per CJ he knew he was in season shape 2 months ago. CJ didn’t force any action; he let the game show up at his door and he answered each knock. Get y’all apologies together.

Matt Ryan have yourself a half pleighboi. That boy can shoot. The best part about is he’s not shy. He’s willing to let you partake in him giving you buckets. We say a variance in the type of 3-pointers he could make. Some stand-still jumpers, we saw pump fakes into a shot, and we pump fakes into side step 3. We even saw him drive the lane and find JV for an assist. Shout out to Matt for being ready. Shout out to Willie for throwing him into the fire.

Herb Jones is still a bad man. You still can score on him. ⅔ from 3? You bet your life I’m gonna take that every time.

Dyson looked the most confident I’ve ever seen him look. That was great to see. This team’s success could be reliant on whether he has an offensive leap (leap as in aggressive and willingness to attempt a shot, not necessarily a scoring output).

Zion Will- nm it’s just Zion. Zion played a masterful first half. He was a willing pacer. He picked his spots offensively and played cerebral situational basketball. Nothing he did affect the box score until he …. He caught a body towards the end of the first half. I’m trying to understand how he didn’t get arrested for that. JJJ has family and people who love him and you did that in an arena full of people. He foul. Zion was much more aggressive in the second half finishing with 23 points but that’s not important.

For the first time I can remember I saw Brandon and Zion play together. Generally, it’s been okay I’ll go. Then okay now you go. Last night it was, “Hey let’s play together”. Felt very much like an awakening offensively. Brandon hit Zion with a lob (the Pelicans are the worst lob team I’ve ever seen) that seemed to unlock a new level. BI to Zion lobs? Brother, I never thought I’d see the day.

The pelicans walked out of the building with a victory. The Pelicans started the season 1-0. But they left with much more than that. Granted it’s only game one I understand, but the Pelicans played like a unit. They left this game with a feeling of continuity. A model (with film) to base all future games off of. “No matter the opponent if we do X, Y, Z and play our brand of basketball we will be fine”. The Pelicans haven’t had a “brand” of basketball before. I’m excited to see the evolution of the process. Bear down in Memphis.

HELP THE BEAR!!!!!!!!!

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