Parallel Pels

Last week, Pelicans’ forward Larry Nance tweeted “What Saints jersey should I buy?” That question gave me a thought. Since its the start of football season, what are the Saints’ versions of Pelicans? Here’s what I came up with.

CJ McCollum & Derek Carr

Derek Carr and CJ McCollum have a striking resemblance. They’re both savvy veterans that spent 9 years in their originally drafted organizations before arriving in New Orleans. They have been given the proverbial keys to the organization to be the stabilizer of sorts. Also, they both chose to be here and signed contracts north of $30 million dollars per year. McCollum and Carr seem to be in search of solidifying their career with a bringing a championship to the bayou.

Jonas Valanciunas & Demario Davis

You’re probably thinking to yourself how in the world are these two anything alike? It’s okay, let me explain. Davis and Valanciunas are two of the most underrated players in their leagues. They are pillars of consistency and effort. Albeit, both individuals are brute by nature, but are regarded as the intellectual anchors of their defenses. They seem to do whatever to help the team become successful and are always readily available with the Saints’ all-pro linebacker only missing 1 game out of 179 possible games.

Herb Jones & Marshon Lattimore

This one is probably my favorite comparison because it makes so much sense. Herb and Marshon are ELITE defenders are their perspective position. They’re literally tasked with guarding the best opposing skill player every game. Jones and Lattimore receive rave reviews from opposing teams star players on their ability to defend. Los Angeles Clippers’ guard Paul George said that Herb Jones was his dark horse to win DPOY on his Podcast P podcast. While Lattimore has racked up more awards than the third-year wing/guard from Alabama, I believe his time in the sun is approaching sooner than we think.

Brandon Ingram & Michael Thomas

Outside of being known by their initials, these guys are special talents. Ingram and Thomas both have a proficient skillset that they tend to not deviate from. Thomas has been unfairly criticized for running slants, and BI similarly has been criticized for shooting too many mid-range jumpers. They both are looking to return to an all-star/pro-bowl level and completing the season, healthy.

Trey Murphy & Chris Olave

These two players have STAR potential in their leagues. Prior to Murphy’s meniscus injury, there was a lot of excitement around his trajectory coming into the season. Last season, he finished last season shooting 50-40-90 on splits. Olave has started the season leading the Saints with 112 yards receiving on 8 catches after completing his rooking campaign with over 1000 yards receiving. I believe they both benefit from savvy veterans (CJ + DC) and experienced stars (BI + MT) to make the most of their skills.

Larry Nance & Tyrann Mathieu

Hear me out on this one. Larry and Tyrann have played with some of the greatest players of their generation in LeBron James/Kobe Bryant and Patrick Mahomes, respectively. Although, both reached the championship game(s) in their league, only Tyrann left with the championship pedigree. They’re becoming staples in their community, regularly giving back to the city of New Orleans.

Zion Williamson & Alvin Kamara

Zion Williamson and Alvin Kamara are the most notable players of this generation in New Orleans. Mommas – dads – kids – grandmas – grandpas – uncles – and aunties have their jersey. These players are all world talents and have the potential to be MVP of their leagues. Both have dealt with injuries that have kept them from playing, but they have unique abilities to turn their teams into potential champions. They are the faces of their individual franchises. They only need one thing to become immortal in the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana… a ring.

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