Black & Gold B.S. – Hot Derek Carr takes with Ralph Marlbrough of Saints Happy Hour

Lifelong friends and self-professed New Orleans Saints nerds Jacob Krasnow, Sean Haspel and Allison Pratt ~tchoup~ it up, exploring the joys and sorrows that come with the fandom of their favorite football team. This week, Sean and Jacob sit down with Ralph Marlbrough, WWL-TV contributing writer and host of the Saints Happy Hour podcast!  They get Ralph’s thoughts on Derek Carr, Dennis Allen and the future of the Saints, and why everyone should be an optimistic sports fan.  You won’t want to miss a single second of this one.  It’s our longest and best pod yet; just deal with it.

Time codes:

1:50 – Saints Happy Hour talk and the Saints podcasting community

17:05 – Ralph’s thoughts on Derek Carr and how tanking is immoral

27:27 – The ‘23 rookie QB class could be doodoo and how the QB carousel affects our 2023 Saints expectations

38:10 – The NFC South coaches stink, and the QB landscape in the entire league ain’t great

52:35 – If the Saints sign Carr, the cap nerds’ heads will explode

1:03:23 – Most Saints fans don’t understand what it means to be truly terrible; and why the fans turned on Dennis Allen so swiftly

1:29:16 – Are the expectations of the fan base/Saints Twitter too high?

1:37:12 – Ralph’s thoughts on being optimistic about the Saints

1:51:18 – Next time with Ralph, there will be Buddy D stories galore

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