Black & Gold B.S. – Is the Saints’ ‘Swag’ B.S.?

Lifelong friends and self-professed New Orleans Saints nerds Jacob Krasnow, Sean Haspel and Allison Pratt ~tchoup~ it up, exploring the joys and sorrows that come with the fandom of their favorite football team. This week, the gang wonders aloud if the Saints can maintain their swagger from the Raiders shutout; attempts to get to the bottom of what the hell is going on with Michael Thomas; and tries their best to get #CANCELLED.

Time codes:

2:04 – After the Saints shut out the Raiders, is DA still fired?

10:00 – Will the Saints be able to maintain their swag, both on offense and defense?

20:16 – What on Earth is going on with Michael Thomas’ toe?  Did we try to trade him?

28:01 – Weirdly specific Ravens predictions, plus Alvin Kamara is now THE locker room leader

38:50 – The Saints MUST play the same style of football in what may be the most critical week of the year in the NFC South

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