Black and Gold B.S. #22 – Is the Saints 2022 schedule BS?

Lifelong friends and self-professed New Orleans Saints nerds Jacob Krasnow, Sean Haspel and Allison Pratt ~tchoup~ it up, exploring the joys and sorrows that come with the fandom of their favorite football team.  In episode twenty-two of this bonus podcast from Boot Krewe Media, they debate the best and worst potential road trips for the ’22 season; discuss the ramifications of the Jarvis Landry and Tyrann Mathieu signings; plus Sean’s mom breaks news about the Saints pursuing Odell Beckham Jr.!

Time codes:

1:25 – Brees’ comeback Tweet was really stupid

8:30 – Signing Jarvis and the Honey Badger means the Saints will never surrender

15:19 – Sean’s mom breaks news RE: the Saints potential pursuit of OBJ and other fun Odell anecdotes

19:02 – Cap nerds are losers forever and the media continues to hate on our front office for no reason

25:25 – General thoughts on the schedule and reminiscing on the last game Sean attended, the infamous 2019 Brees thumb injury game in L.A.

32:40 – The BEST potential road trips

38:19 – The WORST potential road trips and reminiscing on the time Jacob and Allison got a guy kicked out of the Georgia Dome

44:46 – Which game will be the inexplicable Saints stinker?

You can follow Sean, Jacob and Allison on Twitter at @SeanHaspel, @JacobKrasnow and @AlliWhitlock; and on Instagram at @SeanMHaspel, @Kraznogram and @AlliWPratt

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