Teedy Dom’s Sazerac Adventure

Welcome to another Sazerac adventure with Teedy Dom.

This time, I ventured off to Superior Seafood on St. Charles. I was perplexed as to what to get, I started off with a French 75, I mean it was the weekend so why not. Next, I ordered a Sazerac. I think I ended up with two that night. Talk about a boozy 4th of July Weekend.

Let me just say, I always love the cute garnish they put in the drink. Period.

It had a little bite to it but smooth none the less. Of course, I ordered another & that was all before dinner had arrived.

In short, I totally recommend ordering this at Superior Seafood! You should check them out for dinner too! They are located at the corner of St. Charles & Napoleon.

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Happy sipping!

-Teedy Dom

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