Black and Gold B.S. #7 – The Panthers game was B.S.

Lifelong friends and self-professed New Orleans Saints nerds Jacob Krasnow, Sean Haspel and Allison Whitlock ~tchoup~ it up, exploring the joys and sorrows that come with the fandom of their favorite football team.  In episode seven of this bonus podcast from Boot Krewe Media, they discuss the travesty of a game that was the Saints’ 26-7 loss to the Panthers; what will surely be an ugly contest next week in New England; and their experiences watching games at Saints bars not located in NOLA.

1:04 – The Panthers game was B.S.  and the offensive line play made it unwatchable

8:57 – The defense actually kinda played well + BGBS Honorable Mention

12:59 – We shouldn’t panic yet because under Sean Payton, the team is rarely consistent in September

16:50 – Bar tales of displaced Saints fans

18:06 – We’re on to New England.

27:37 – The Superdome roof caught on fire

29:19 – Should the Saints be using Taysom Hill more?  And other random musings about the offense

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