The Girls Room


A safe haven where Ashley and Rachel speak their unfiltered thoughts- bringing guidance, reality and good vibes to every girls’ girl… and the occasional listening “Chad”

Ashley Morreale

Ashley Morreale

New Orleans native born into the world a fairy and Queen of manifestation. An inspiring mother to her son, Ty, setting a whole new standard. You’ll want to stay on her good side with her cutting edge yet humble comebacks. You can find her with AirPods in changing the energy wherever she goes. Turning heads in scrubs or dresses, her essence is unmatched. It’s a vibe. Written by her co-host: Rachel

Rachel Milligan

Mikaela Banes, but in real life. A transplant from a city in Louisiana to remain unmentioned, has now made New Orleans home along with her 5 year old son, Liam. Dry humor and undeniable good energy make Rachel, Rachel. When Rachel isn’t at Trader Joe’s or charging her crystals under the moonlight, you can find her on the sofa playing Dead by Daylight on PS5 Bet. Written by her co-host: Ashley

Episode 14- Take Care

Mental health isn’t talked about enough… so Ashley & Rachel are bringing perspective to such a stigmatized illness. Simone Biles’, […]

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In episode 12, Ashley welcomes back double H, Hailey & Holly to discuss the common traits of a narcissistic relationship. […]

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Episode 9 : Gabby Dawson

Do you know what soaking means? We didn’t either until Gabby informed us. Mo money, mo problemz. Athletes in Vegas […]

Episode 6- Double H

On episode 6, special guest Hailey & Holly take over “The Girls Room” with Ashley while Rachel is out of […]

Episode 5- mask up… your energy.

Ashley,Rachel & special guest Angelle Folse take a deep dive into the world of spiritual awakenings, manifestation, crystals and all […]

Episode 4- Truth of Folse

In episode 4, Ashley & Rachel invite special guest , Angelle Folse. Angelle tells her story of her first sexual […]

Episode 3- Giving A F

Ashley, Rachel and special guest Kelsey discuss why our generation gives no fucks and experiences that got us that way. […]