Sportsman’s Paradise

A Louisiana fishing podcast. Two weekend warriors who love fishing and want to talk about it. Follow us on Instagram at: sportsmanparadisepod


Chase Carpenter

Chase Carpenter is co-anchor of Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast. Chase was born in New York, but has lived in New Orleans his entire life and is a UNO/Tulane Graduate. He is passionate about fishing and is always looking to learn more about it. He is known as the Catfish King (when not targeting Catfish) but won’t admit it.

Kent Mcguire

Kent Mcguire is Co-Anchor of Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast. Kent was born and raised in Louisiana. He has always been interested in the great outdoors whether it be fishing, hunting or hiking. Kent calls himself a captain because he owns a small little flatboat named “storm chaser”. That is his pride and joy!


The baws are back in the studio and in this episode bring on The Boar. We talk about our first […]

Storm Chaser Got An Upgrade

In this episode Kent and Chase talk about old memories with the StormChasers original 1992 2 stroke 40hp that has […]

The Boil Boss

Kent and Chase bring on the owners and creators of The Boil Boss.

Joel Spansel: Amazon Expert

On this episode, Kent and Chase bring on Joel Spansel, our Amazon expert, who recently fished the great Rivers of […]

Kent’s FIRST Deer!

Join Chase and Kent as they talk about Kent getting his first deer in his young hunting career!

Capt. Donnie Jackson

On this episode Kent and Chase have on Captain Donnie Jackson. Donnie owns and operates Tails Up Offshore Charters out […]

Harris Schwing; SCHAWINGG

Kent and Chase are back with special guest Harris Schwing!! He was one of our first guests, host of the […]

Episode 61- Tom Brewbaker MLF

We are back with special guest Tom Brewbaker! Tom is an avid bass fisherman who competed in the College Series […]

Episode 59-A Pure Episode

In this episode Kent and Chase keep it casual and drink the purest beer on the market,Coors Pure, while talking […]

Episode 53- Jeff Deblieux

Kent and Chase bring on Jeff Deblieux (pronounced W) on the pod. Jeff is a legendary waterfowl hunter, Professional Land […]

Episode 50- Captain Ty Hibbs

For the 50th episode Kent and Chase bring on Captain Ty Hibbs!! Ty is a great fisherman/hunter and well known […]

Episode 48 – Jon Bs New Movie

Kent and Chase review Jon Bs new movie on YouTube, Chasing Bulls. Jon B came down to Louisiana to catch  […]

Episode 47 – Covid Christmas

Kent and Chase are back!! Sorry for the break but holiday season was busy. Unfortunately Kent caught covid, however he […]

Episode 45 – The Split

Kent and Chase recap their past weekend hunting before the split, man are they addicted to the quack! They also […]

Episode 44 – Eat, Fish, and Love

Kent and Chase talk about how they celebrated thanksgiving and the weekend. Chase went hunting and fishing while Kent had […]

Episode 42 – Opening Day

The boys talk about opening day of duck season and hunting public land for the first time! You won’t believe the […]

Episode 39 – Zoom Episode

Kent and Chase record this episode over zoom due to covid complications… But! The baws feel great and will get […]

Episode 37 – Tournament Recap

Kent and Chase recap the first ever Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast Fishing tournament, and it was a success!!! First off, we […]

Episode 36 – Night Fishing Pt. 2

Kent and Chase recap their fishing trips last week and getting the tournament ready. Kent went night fishing again and […]

Episode 34 – Foggy Days

Kent and Chase are back! And they are talking about their past weekend trips. Kent went hog hunting with some […]

Episode 33 – If It Flies, It Dies

Kent and Chase bring on Rob Phillips from Longneck Outfitters. Rob talks about the Texas bird hunting experience, and it’s […]

Episode 32 – Rainy Days

Kent and Chase’s weekend gets derailed by another storm, so they get into bait and location segments. Then, the baws […]

Episode 31 – Lou is Back!

The boys bring on hardcore city fisherman Louis Jaubert back on the pod! They talk about their friday night fishing […]

Episode 21 – A Tuft Summer

Special guest Jay Tufts joins the pod. We talk about fishing from Venice all the way to lake Ponchatrain. The […]

Episode 20 – Suck Fummer

Kent and Chase have a terrible weekend during the dog days summer, struggling with both fish and the motor. They […]