Bach & Boozy

Bach & Boozy

Boot Krewe Media also has a podcast dedicated to one of the most beloved reality shows on television. Bach n Boozy is hosted by Bayleigh Frickey and Stephanie Hilton, and the duo recap episodes with witty comments about the details and clever insights about dating in real life. Stephanie and Bayleigh own The Meetery Dating App. In our fast paced world it seems there’s never enough time. The Meetery marries the convenience of dating apps and the longing for in-person dating to create a new, efficient way to date in the age of technology.


Stephanie Hilton + Bayleigh Frickey

Stephanie is the co-founder of The Meetery, a dating app for people who hate dating apps. She’s a quick-witted smart ass who works hard and dreams big. While juggling a full-time job, running her start-up and raising a teen, she manages to get shit done and is SO excited to be the co-host of Bach & Boozy with her partner in crime, Bayleigh. Mom of a teenager, 2 pugs, and newly engaged to her boo of 10 years. People on the streets call her ‘the puzzle master.’ At night you can find her locked in her bathroom trying to enjoy her snacks, and shower, in peace.

Bayleigh is the co-creator of The Meetery and a local from Des Allemands, Louisiana. She is the mom of a really cool kid and voted first pick in her family for a zombie apocalypse. During the day she is just trying her best to make it and thankful for grocery and gas deliveries. At night you can find her asleep unless her sister calls to have a “glass of wine”.. which turns into tequila. Hobbies include reality tv, googling random things, knitting, face-timing Stephanie and napping…always napping. She is the queen of getting shit done. Her goals in life are to work full-time on her app, help other women-led startups, inspire people and make you laugh.

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