Author: Justin Napoli

Justin Napoli

Justin Napoli is Co-Founder of Boot Krewe Media. Justin is also the founder and Host of Pro Pels Talk. He loves the Boston Red Sox, New Orleans Pelicans and batted .406 his senior year in high school, tying Ted Williams all time record. Justin has also opened 3 beers at one time, how did he do it? Nickname: Juice Favorite Show: Entourage Best TV Character of All Time: Eric Matthews Best Comedian: Sebastián Maniscalco Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers Favorite Athlete of all time: Nomar Garciaparra/Tracy McGrady



This Sucks

Pels fall to 1-10 on the year. The Pelicans are desperately missing their Two All-Stars in Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson. They play hard, but seem to fall short due to lack of talent....