You will never believe where I found this Vietnamese Coffee Spot!

I’m always in search of amazing coffee and my friend Katherine, recommended a spot, for Vietnamese coffee. This Vietnamese coffee is not in your usual spots. Its located in a French Cafe called Chez Pierre French Bakery & Cafe. This spot is located on Harrison Avenue, right off-West End. I walk in to grab my coffee and it’s like I walked into the Cave of Wonders! The smell & sight of these desserts had my eyes all kinds of big, but I needed to stay focused on the prize! I finally get this coffee and it was love at first sip. I loved that I could taste the coffee through the sweetness of the condensed milk. It was smooth, creamy, and dreamy! The only thing I need now is for every Vietnamese coffee spot to have sea salt foam. It would be game-changing! I hate to admit this but the coffee didn’t last 5 mins. I would say this is one of my favs of Vietnamese coffee! If you have an amazing Vietnamese coffee spot let me know down below.

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