Black and Gold B.S. Episode 1 – The 2020 NFL season was B.S.

Lifelong friends and self-professed New Orleans Saints nerds Jacob Krasnow and Sean Haspel ~tchoup~ it up, exploring the joys and sorrows that come with the fandom of their favorite football team.  In episode one of this bonus podcast from Boot Krewe Media, they discuss why the podcast exists, the Julio Jones trade and why the 2020 NFL season was a hot, steaming pile of B.S.

00:19 – Intros

10:12 – Julio Jones trade

15:28 – Why the 2020 NFL was a big ‘ol pile of B.S.

27:31 – The Tampa Bay Bucs are a sham and people are too quick to write off the Saints

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The theme music is “Proctor” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena:

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