Exclusive Open Runs

Coach Rory’s exclusive open runs were held at Crescent City Christian School in Metairie, LA. Game format was 10 minutes with a running game clock. Overtime was 2 minuets and double overtime was 1 minute. The purpose of each session was to encourage free play. This open run session was designed to emphasize the concept of park basketball, winner stays on. No referees where in attendance, which made game play more intense.  

This event was star-studded, from NBA players to High School players. A few names in attendance: Lamar Peters, Tyree Griffin, Jalen Cook, Jaron Pierre, Jordan Wright, Ryghe Lyons, Byron Joshua, Jordin Farrell, Derrick Tezeno and Jourdan Smith; just to name a few. Open runs had some spectacular performances but here are 5 player profiles from the night that stood out, in no particular order. 


Photo Credit: Lala BKM

Pierre is a clutch shooter. Shooting combined with handles and agility, he makes good decisions. No matter the defensive coverage, Pierre has an answer. He also needs very little space to give himself an advantage. Pierre has amazing body control and the ability to go from 0 to 100 or 60 to 0. He is definitely someone to keep your eye on.  


Photo Credit: Lala BMK

Joshua has great athleticism. His largest strength is without a doubt his versatility. He can score, rebound, pass and defend. Joshua uses his strength to finish plays and is not afraid to shoot and knock down a 3. He would be a great addition to any team.  


Photo credit: Lala BKM

Tate has great scoring ability. The complete offense, he attacked the defense in a variety of different ways. He is a unique scorer, but Tate is also making smart passes and good reads on the floor. Often finding teammates on the move and leading them to their preferred spots. 


Photo Credit: Lala BMK

Burns loves the one on one game.  He will take anyone on in the mid-post and do damage because he is such a versatile threat. He has the quickness and strength to get to the rim or he can create enough separation for an easy little jumper.  He can shoot the three and also bring that competitive edge that every team needs.  


Tezeno is one player that possesses amazing defensive and offense.  His long arms and height make him an elite player. In addition to his defensive strengths, Tezeno can also dominate offensively, especially from the perimeter. He creates shots and moves great without the ball  

Big thank you to Coach Rory for having us at this event, surrounded by so much talent. His goal to provide an atmosphere for players to have free play and additional training, such as playing against high levels of competition came together well.

Photo Credit: Twitter @coachroryp

Coach Rory is a development coach that works closely with professional basketball players and college students in the off season. He was also featured in Forbes Magazine in 2020. He coached 5 years of High School basketball before taking a job at Delgado CC.  Rory has had experience in sports and is extremely passionate about providing tools and insights to the next generation. He is versatile in his training and passionate about his athletes.


Lala is a Finance Manager with 11 years of experience working alongside banking executives and financial advisers. Lala was born and raised in New Orleans, La where she currently resides. Lala has also worked with many sports organizations in the city of New Orleans becoming lead coordinator working closely with athletes. Lala owns her own crafting company -Lala’s Closet- and has a podcast-Lalasaidwhat. Lala is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Lala received a bachelor's degree from the University of Memphis, where she played basketball on a full scholarship. Lala is inspired daily by her two sons William and Lincoln. She is very opinionated when it comes to sports and loves to speak her mind. Hobbies include basketball, reading and spectating video games.

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