Suck the Head

Suck the Head Podcast is all about asking each other questions that everyday people normally won’t ever say out loud.


Taylor Tauzier

Taylor Tauzier is a cohost on the Suck the Head Podcast. He is born and raised in New Orleans and a proud member of The Who Dat Nation. Taylor is a bit of a comedian no matter what’s going on and will try to get everyone in the best mood. Outside of “Suck the Head”, He loves playing sports whether he’s good at it or not.

Sarah Ledet

Louisiana breed but with a twist of a bunch of cities and a little bit of Cali. She’s 1 of 10 kids, so you know she’s been through it all. With the class of a lady but can hang with guys.. Meet Sarah

Brett Pellegrini

Brett is excited to join the Boot Krewe media team and be part of the Suck the Head podcast. He is originally from Chalmette and moved to Belle Chasse after Katrina, but has been around New Orleans his whole life. He currently lives uptown and is a cat daddy. He enjoys all of what New Orleans has to offer, such as sports, food, culture, drinking and partying. He thinks he is funnier than he actually is, slightly stoopid, but the self proclaimed best athlete in the office. He graduated from LSU in 2017 with a marketing degree but works with food. Meatball is his nickname. He is a co-host of Suck The Head podcast where they get down and dirty with it. He enjoys all sports, ping pong is his best, and golf is his newest obsession.

Gage Broussard

Gage Broussard, co-host of the Suck the Head Podcast, is a 26 year old from Erath, Louisiana. After graduating from Erath High School, Gage moved to Thibodaux, Louisiana to study Marketing at Nicholls State University. From there, he found his new home in the Big Easy to open his own marketing firm, B&M Social Marketing. Gage used to be a fraternity guy now turned into a father… a frat daddy if it pleases.