New Orleans Bounce

New Orleans is one of the most rhythmic places in America. Nope. Scratch that. Strike through. New Orleans IS the most rhythmic place in America. The 300+ year-old city is the birthplace of Jazz. Most historians will agree that all music that is popular today (country, pop, R&B, Rap) is a derivative of Jazz music. (PLEASE GIVE THE NAME BACK.)

Even with popular music being pulled from the roots of New Orleans, the city is still able keep its unique rhythm. Like Jazz, Bounce music was created here in New Orleans and has expanded across the city and region. Bounce music is infamous for its uptempo, heavy bass, the call-and-response aspect that ingratiates the people listening and lastly dancing.

Just like at a second-line in the 9th ward on yesterday, dancing is a huge part of the culture. It is freeing to the people. You see the colorful Indian costumes and the clubs dressed alike to showcase their organization, but to also put on a show. The most astonishing part is their rhythm. While the drums and the horns make music, the feet of the people move. Their rhythm is personal, just like New Orleans Pelicans guard, CJ McCollum.

While CJ McCollum is known for his ability to make shots, to me, he is known for making would-be-defenders dance. Once CJ starts dribbling, and he has you leaning, it’s time to rock. He isn’t your classic ankle breaker like Kyrie Irving or Allen Iverson. His rhythm is solely unique to him.

Take the game versus the Memphis Grizzlies on last Friday, November 15th for example. After 2 days rest, while playing through a shooting slump, the Lehigh alum was ready to bounce. He finished with a season-high 30 points and 9 assists while shooting 47% from the field and 54% from 3.

What was also entertaining was John Konchar attempting to guard the New Orleans Bounce Instructor (shoutout to Lito). CJ McCollum had Konchar playing hopscotch to the rhythm of his dribble. The “ooohs” from the crowd were accompanied by the swish of the net.

CJ reminds me of New Orleans’ ambassador and rapper, Curren$y. When he raps, his flow and cadence is unique to specifically him and the city of New Orleans. Now, CJ may indulge in wine and Curren$y indulges in a special plant, their similarities remain the same. Their rhythm is distinctive, just like New Orleans.

While the Pelicans continue to find their rhythm as a unit, they know they can depend on CJ McCollum to find his. Like Bounce music, he has the ability to make a call. It is up to the team, the fans and the city to respond.

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