Ten Games In

We are ten games into the Major League Baseball season. Somethings are as expected and some not so much. Many of the ‘favored’ teams are off to an early lead in their divisions. Me, I was kinda hoping for some underdog shit team coming out of nowhere and wreaking people’s dreams. I don’t see that happening. However, there has been some great stuff already occur in this early start.

Perfect Kershaw (for 7)

Photo Credit: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

Clayton Kershaw had a perfect game through SEVEN innings and was removed from the game. Manager Dave Roberts and his staff are playing the long game. If Clayton was cool with getting taken out then we all should be cool with it (I guess). As much as I would have wanted to see him throw a perfect game, it was the ‘right’ move for the Dodgers. Even though a Perfect Game is like the last thing to check off Kershaw’s career bucket list – who cares – right!

Benches Clearing

Didn’t take long for these two rivals to get things heated. Couple hit-by-pitches and they are coming off the pine, out of the pens and in each other’s faces. This is going to be fun to watch all year.

Oakland Surprise

The Oakland Athletics are tied for the most Runs Scored in the Majors through ten games and have the highest run differential in the American League. That is pretty impressive after trading away majority of their team. Matt Olsen gone, Matt Chapman gone, Mark Canha gone, Starling Marte gone, Chriss Bassett gone, Sean Manaea gone, Jake Diekman gone etc… I know it is only ten games, but this has been pretty impressive.

Young Cubs

It wasn’t that long ago that a young core group of Chicago Cubs players won their beloved city a World Series championship. Many of those players are no longer with the organization. In comes a new wave of young talented players to try to get them back to glory. One addition is Seiya Suzuki, Japanese born outfielder, who is off to a hot start. He is hitting .429 with 4 homeruns and 11 RBIs.

It is only ten games into the season, but we have some fun shit to track going forward. Bring on more bat flips, more benches clearing to ‘talk it out’, more robbing homeruns, more umps with mics etc…

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