Unwritten Rules of Baseball

There is still a LOCKOUT and Spring Training is likely delayed – fucking wonderful! Since the Owners and Player Association are so far apart on this deal and there is basically no news to blog about except MLB the Show announcing Shohei Ohtani as the cover. We going to dive into some good shit. The Holy but Unholy Unwritten Rules of Baseball.

If any of you played ball for any length of time you were introduced to many ‘unwritten rules’ of the game. Some make perfect sense, and some are nonsense. Break one you may get the death stare from a coach; break others and a pitcher may deliver that high heat fastball up near the chin like a Shawn Michaels heel back in the 90s.

Here we go:

Never do your pre-game warm-ups on the infield. Take that shit into the outfield grass. Someone took their precious time to make that infield dirt look pristine. Don’t screw it up before first pitch!

You are not allowed to touch the foul line chalk/paint. Jump over it while coming on and off the field. If you touch it, you’re just a cruel individual.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Never swing on a 3-0 count during a blow out! Some old fart coach made this one up. I’d love to hear y’all opinion on this one. Many remember the incident with Coach Tony La Russa last season giving the take sign to Yermin Mercedes.

Never speak of a No Hitter while the No Hitter is in progress. C’mon, if you ever do this – Krama will get your ass.

Never run across the pitcher’s mound – EVER! Just ask Dallas Braden how he feels about that.

Bat flips after a homerun are considered frowned upon and should be removed from the game. HA HA

Don’t slide high with your spikes up in the other players knee cap! That will get you punched in the jaw!

Don’t yell in an infielder’s ear (as a base runner) when they are trying to catch a routine pop up. (funny how A-Rod is involved with some of these)

Don’t make it obvious that you are trying to steal the other team’s signs.

Pitchers – never show up your teammates when they commit an error. Swallow it and move on.

Never bunt to try to break up a pitcher’s no hitter. That’s lame – don’t be that guy.

This list certainly does not cover all of the unwritten rules of baseball and I would like to hear more from you on which ones you know of and opinion on them.


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