Myles Brennan bids farewell

Two men walk into a bar and compete with

each other to see which of the two has had a tougher life.

No, this is not the beginning of a bad joke. It is, however, the beginning of an old Joe Diffe song that I happen to enjoy.

At one point in the lyrics, the men raise their glasses and toast the fact that they have had their chances to succeed when there are others who have never had a fair shake.

Those lyrics seem especially fitting for former LSU quarterback Myles Brennan.

February 1, 2017, was not merely another National Signing Day for high school football recruits across the nation. To an LSU football fan, it was the day that their beloved Tigers were hopeful to find their future quarterback.

The last few seasons had left much to be desired at the signal caller role. In that timeframe, the Tigers started Anthony Jennings, Brandon Harris, and Danny Etling. These were by no means the worst quarterbacks in the country, but LSU would need more out of that position if the team wanted to capture its first national championship since 2007.

On that fateful February day in 2017, Brennan, then a lanky high school senior, signed his National Letter of Intent with the hopes of ending LSU’s quarterback woes.

The plan was for Brennan to bide his time in 2017 and wait for Etling to finish his career that season before taking the reins in 2018.

This plan was put on hold when LSU opted to sign transfer quarterback Joe Burrow to lead the Tigers in 2018.

Most players would transfer out and look for a school where they could instantly start. Not Brennan though. His patience shined once again as he played the role of backup for two more seasons.

2020 looked like the year when Brennan would finally have his shot to start a season for LSU, even in the midst of chaos with the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the injury he suffered in the second game of the season sidelined him for another year.

Sadly, the injury bug would strike again before the 2021 season when Brennan would break his arm in the offseason while on a fishing trip, once again keeping him off of the field.

On November 1, 2021, four years and nine months to the day of his national signing day commitment, Brennan announced his decision to transfer away from the purple and gold and spend the last year of his career playing elsewhere.

As a fan, it’s brutal to see a player give his all and never get his shot. I imagine it feels a lot worse for Brennan who actually put in the work yet never received the chance that he earned.

Brennan’s situation is a reflection of the often cruel reality of life though.

Sometimes, we experience life as Burrow. Sometimes, the circumstances are in our favor and everything we hoped for comes together. In these moments, we experience unforgettable joy.

Sometimes, we experience life as Brennan. Sometimes, we give something our all, and the chips never quite fall into place. In these moments, we experience great heartbreak.

Both moments play a constant role in the human experience, but only one of these moments allows us to truly grow as people.

I believe I am in the majority of fans when I wish Brennan luck at his next stop and hope that he receives the fair shake that he’s earned.

Whichever school Brennan finds himself at next year, I hope the ship he’s been waiting for finally comes in.

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