WWE returns to Madison Square Garden!

Last night for the first time since the pandemic, WWE returned to the world’s most famous arena…Madison Square Garden. With fans raving and the wrestling world buzzing for a good show, WWE definitely delivered for the live crowd in New York!

Brock Lesnar returns

The universal champion Roman Reigns kicked off the show by entering the ring with the Uso’s/Paul Heyman at his side. Reigns would start off in typical Tribal Chief fashion by reminding the live audience and the locker room that he runs WWE and Madison Square Garden.

Soon after, Brock Lesnar would enter the arena and confront the man he hopes to challenge for the universal championship. Paul Heyman looked to have seen a ghost. Brock went on to ask Heyman why he didn’t inform Reigns of his appearance at Summerslam. Reigns didn’t appear to like this much and exited the ring. Heyman went on to introduce Lesnar as the beast much to the crowd’s liking. Lesnar would then try and F-5 Heyman which led to a mini brawl in the ring.

This segment was golden. The developing story of who Heyman will leave his allegiances with continues to make for good television. In the past, fans had grown tired of the never ending Reigns/Lesnar saga, but WWE may have finally found a storyline with these two that the fans can get behind and actually enjoy.

Lynch/Belair sign contract

After a few weeks of build up, Bianca Belair & Smackdown women’s champion Becky Lynch would make their championship rematch official. At the Extreme Rules ppv event, these two will collide in what should be a classic encounter.

Belair would enter to thunderous praise while Lynch would feel the heat of the crowd with a few more boo’s than she’s used to in recent years. The two would go back and forth as what happens at most contract signings. Lynch shined the most here as she was able to work the crowd and naturally generate more heat. The crowd’s continual booing even after Lynch mentioned that her return meant leaving her newborn daughter at home without her further solidified that Lynch had established herself as a top heel.

Edge/Rollins stun in another classic

In what would prove to be another show stealing encounter, Seth Rollins and Edge faced off again for the live crowd at the Garden.

In a back & forth matchup, Rollins and Edge managed to do something WWE has failed to do in recent months and that’s tell a compelling story. Edge played the role of a battered veteran still trying to prove that he has what it takes, whereas Rollins played the role of the disrespectful villain. The contest would last about 20-25 minutes before Rollins would end it with a curb stomp to the back of Edge’s head.

Edge would then be taken out of the arena on a stretcher, setting up what will most likely be a 3rd and final match between these two to settle the score in the near future.

The Demon King emerges

After Roman Reigns would save the Uso’s from losing the tag team gold to the Street Profits, he would take the microphone and let the world know exactly what he was thinking. He informed the WWE universe that after he’s done with Finn Balor at Extreme Rules, Brock Lesnar is next and he doesn’t plan on letting the Beast get away from the Tribal Chief without taking a beating first.

As it seemed that things were heading towards the end of the broadcast with Reigns getting the last word, the lights went out, then dimmed a dark red to give way to the reemergence of Finn Balor’s alter ego: the Demon King.

The Demon King made his slow walk to the ring and without saying a word, let Roman Reigns know that at Extreme Rules, he would be in for one hell of a fight.

Sterling Mclymont

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