Week 3 Saints-Patriots Post Game Analysis 


After an ugly loss to Carolina last week the Saints came into Foxborough looking to rebound against Mac Jones and the Patriots. The Saints offensive scheme today seemed pretty evident which was GIVE ALVIN KAMARA THE BALL. Alvin Kamara had a career high 24 carries in today’s game. Jameis Winston looked fairly decent today but still has some work to do. He did have two touchdown passes, one being an incredible grab by WR Marquez Callaway. But atlas he just does not seem like is ready to make those leaps and bounds that people have said he would during the offseason. I think Jameis will get there eventually, but as of right now no not until he stops throwing into triple coverage and what some people like to call “YOLO” balls. Jameis had a few throws today I am sure he would like back, but I am also certain he can correct it. 

The defense in today’s game receives the game ball. The defense caused havoc for Mac Jones and the Patriots offense today. The defense caused Jones to turn the ball over three times. Dennis Allen definitely cranked the heat up on the pressure today on the rookie QB. If this Saints defense continues to play like it did today and how they performed in week one, then I think the defense can carry this team to 8 wins easily. 

The offense for the Saints this season has no identity as of yet. Yes it is very run forward, but there is not really a down the field aerial attack that some fans thought there would be, but it is early in the season and I think it will eventually sort itself out.

Lastly, the Saints have to identify their number one receiving option. I have not seen subpar offense from the Saints like this since the Jim Haslett coaching era. Sean Payton needs to find another weapon on offense outside of Alvin Kamara and fast if he wants the Saints to make it into the playoffs this season. I know Michael Thomas is out for a few more weeks. But someone else in the WR room needs to step up even more. I think by next week Marquez Callaway should be the number one threat.


Jameis Winston 13/21 128 yds 2 TDs

Alvin Kamara 24 CAR 89 yds 3 REC 29 yds 1 TD

Taysom Hill 6 CAR 32 yds 1 TD

Marquez Callaway 4 REC 41 yds 1 TD

Defense: 3 Interceptions 

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