How those Predictions Looking?

Now that we are past the All Star break and half way through the Major League Baseball season, let’s go ahead and see how far off my preseason predictions are. I tell ya what.. I’m pretty terrible.

National League East – Boot Krewe Media I had Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals battling for the top spot in this division. Yikes… currently the New York Mets have a 2.5 game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies. The Braves sit third place 3.5 games back and Nationals fourth place 5 games back. I’d say this is still a tight race. Do the Mets have enough to stay on top? Will the Phillies catch them? Are the Nationals buyers or sellers? The Braves catch fire and get back to dominating the division? We don’t even need to mention the Miami Marlins.

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National League West – Boot Krewe Media my pick was and still is the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, the San Francisco Giants have a one game lead right now and holding on strong. The San Diego Padres are 5.5 games behind the Giants and are looking to make a push. My dumbass had Arizona Diamondbacks finishing 3rd and they are straight up HOT GARBAGE! This three team race will be fun to watch coming the second half of the season. I got Dodgers, Padres and Giants in that order.

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National League Central – Boot Krewe Media this one is pretty bad as well. Shit! I had St. Louis Cardinals winning the division and they are 8.5 back of the leading Milwaukee Brewers. Chicago Cubs was my second place finisher and they are 8.5 back of the Brewers as well. Reds sit 6.5 back of the Brewers and I had them sliding back to fourth place. I was totally wrong on this one. Milwaukee was my third place pick and they have a pretty comfortable lead over everyone in the division. We shall see how this one shakes out.

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American League East – Boot Krewe Media this one pisses me off the most. As a totally unbias baseball blogger (Red Sox fan), I picked the New York Yankees to win this division pretty comfortably. Well… they stink! New York is currently seven games back of the division leading Boston Red Sox. Tampa Bay Rays are one game back and will have to deal with their ace Glasnow on the 60 day IL. Toronto Blue Jays are also seven games back but have been playing incredible baseball as of late. Baltimore Orioles, like the Marlins, do not even need to be mentioned. Can Boston stay in first? Will the Rays climb back to the top? Where will the Blue Jays end up?


American League West – Boot Krewe Media Oakland was my pick. They are 3.5 games back of the Houston Astros. Silly me had the Los Angeles Angels making a scare in the division and they are 11 games back. Thanks a lot Trout! Seattle Mariners are making some noise as well only back 6.5 games. I think Oakland still may have a chance to finish in front of Houston but if they do it won’t be by much. Texas Rangers fall into that Marlins/Orioles category – who cares.

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American League Central – Boot Krewe Media Ok, so I got this one RIGHT so far. Chicago White Sox have a very pleasant lead over the Cleveland Indians by 9.5 games. The Minnesota Twins have completely fallen off, 18 games back of first. Sheesh! I thought for sure the Indians would take a step back without Lindor but they sit second. This is the White Sox division and I could definitely see them finishing with a double digit lead over whoever finishes second. The rotation is NASTY.

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So I am 1 for 6… batting .166 Damn It! I need some of these teams to get it together (except the Yankees). I have a feeling I’ll pick up two or three more by the end of the season. Let me know what ya think!

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