Pelicans Season All But Done

The Pelicans just yesterday beat a Clippers team that was without their best player, Kawhi Leonard, and they looked very impressive. But they are 4 games from the 10th spot which is the final spot for the play-in tournament. Pelicans this season have looked absolutely championship-esque and then there are the other times where they look completely lost. Pelicans defensively have looked abysmal for most of the season and Coach Stan Van Gundy of course is not happy. 

I personally think it is time to start thinking about next season and the variety of moves the team could make. One move that most Pelicans fans want to see is for Eric Bledsoe far far away from this team, and possibly trading Stevan Adams. I for one love Adams, but from the looks of it he clogs the paint and lane for Zion most times. It is time for the Pelicans front office to take a different approach and start acquiring better pieces for this roster to start competing and winning playoff games finally. This year’s draft is a deep one and the Pelicans have four total picks in this year’s draft. The Pelicans also have a ton of draft capital in general, either use the draft picks wisely or package all of them in a OKC-Paul George style trade deal for a superstar that can boost this team up right away.

As far as coaching goes I cannot fault SVG completely because he was handed a team and then given two weeks to get them ready for preseason and you can’t install and practice your scheme in a matter of two weeks time. But I do feel he needs to bring on a younger, bright minded, up and coming coach to be his number two in command, kind of like Coach Ed Orgeron did at LSU when he brought on Joe Brady. Stan Van Gundy needs to find his Joe Brady and I think that would be a great move in the long run. Who could that coach be you may ask, but the truth of the matter is that I do not personally know. There are many young coaches on NBA staffs right now and it is always possible to pluck one. Be on the lookout for my next Pelicans related article close to the end of the season where I will be talking Pelicans NBA draft prospects!

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