Kira Lewis HAS to Play

(Photo Credit: New Orleans Pelicans)
(Photo Credit: New Orleans Pelicans)

Kira Lewis played 10 minutes last night. He went 2-2 from deep, 2-4 from the FT line and scored 10 points. He is constantly attacking the paint, creating for others and his shooting ability is vastly underrated. In his last 5 games, he is averaging 8 minutes a night. Why?

I have pointed this out before but players that were taken both before and after Kira Lewis (#13 overall) such as Tyrese Haliburton (#12 overall), Cole Anthony (#15 overall) Tyrese Maxey (#21 overall), and Payton Pritchard (#26 overall) are getting 20 + minutes a night. Also, it is not like these players are playing for the Wizards. So what gives?

I couldn’t believe my eyes last night, but Eliot Clough’s tweet says it all.

In order for Kira to play he has to get older

Yes, I understand we have to play Lonzo, Bledsoe, Hart and NAW. But, you cant find anytime for Kira when Lonzo, NAW and Bledsoe combine to go 4-22 from deep and 13-34 from the field? In Ball and Bledsoe’s last 5 games they are 31-80 3PT (38%) and 62-171 FG (36%) and have been to the FT line 13 times going 7-13 (All Eric Bledsoe). In the last 134 minutes Lonzo Ball has played he has gotten to the Free Throw line ZERO times. Kira in 10 minutes last night, got to the line 4 times. In a combined 57 minutes last night, Bledsoe and Ball got to the line once. Kira does what Lonzo is scared to do, attack the rim and get to the line.

According to SVG, Kira has to get older and add more weight to play. If the kid can play, I don’t care if he is 4 feet and weights 75 pounds, you have to play him plain and simple.

Kira brings a certain style of play to this team that is in desperate need of consistent back court play. For beginners he is lightning quick, so he usually has an advantage on whoever is guarding him. Get him in a PnR with Zion or Adams and the big gets switched onto Kira, it is game over. He is a very UNDERRATED shooter and from all the chatter we hear from practice, his shooting ability is better than advertised. He went 2-2 from deep last night and is shooting 40% on the year. Not bad for a 19 year old.

Kira Lewis is shooting 40% from deep this year

Also, the few times I have seen him in the game he is extremely unselfish and makes the right pass/play more times than not. His passes, when attacking the rim or baseline, are always on the money.

JJ logged another DNP, Bledsoe and Ball are both on the trading block. I understand we have to “showcase” them for other teams, but it is finally time to get Kira Lewis into the rotation. No more excuses, no more he has to add weight or get older, it is time to start playing the kid.

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