Saints vs Falcons post game analysis

The Saints went into Atlanta on a hot eight game win streak. A win against the Falcons would give the Saints the season sweep overall. Saints defense was also coming into the game of not allowing an opponent to score since the 49ers game. How would the Saints fare in this matchup? Let’s take a look at some of the stats first. 

 On the Saints first scoring drive they started at their 13 yard line. Taysom Hill and the offense struggled at first, but a 14 yard pass to Michael Thomas on 2nd &20 set the Saints up for 3rd and short. The play that would ignite the Saints’ offense would be the next one. Taysom Hill scrambles for a 43 yard run, setting the Saints up nicely on the Atlanta 15 yard line. Wide open in the endzone is Tre’Quan Smith and that would be Taysom Hill’s first passing TD in the NFL, and his first passing TD since 2016 when he was playing QB at BYU. Outside of two very costly fumbles, Taysom Hill had a rather good game throwing two TDs on 232 yards in the air, completing 72% of his passes.

Outside of Taysom, two players that cannot go unnoticed are of course the Batman and Robin duo that is Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas. Alvin Kamara started off slow in the game and gradually started picking up steam as the game went on. Though he hasn’t been targeted or used much in the passing game his ability in the run game since Drew’s absence has looked to be increased. Alvin Kamara had a nice day with 88 yards on 15 carries. Michael Thomas lives up to his “CANTGUARDMIKE” twitter handle today by basically showing the Falcons DBs that they in fact can’t guard him. Thomas looked like his old healthy self today picking up 105 yards on 9 receptions

You can’t talk about this game without giving credit to the defense of course, but some negatives I would like to point out to start would be of course the penalties. Today the Saints defense towards the end of the game looked like the 1-2 week 3 Saints defense from earlier in the season and not the 9-2 week 13 defense. They got some pressure on Matt Ryan today but not as much as they did in the first matchup just two short weeks ago, but they were able to get the job done. Two players I would like to highlight on the defense for today. First off, Marcus Williams. He has quietly had a good season and today he was what we football players like to call “laying the wood” on the Atlanta WRs. Knocking the ball loose and forcing incompletions today every chance he had.  Second defensive player I would like to highlight is someone I like to call “The Reverend”, Demario Davis. He is an absolute aggravation for opposing offenses. Everywhere you look he is either in the backfield tackling the RB for a loss or he is laying the BOOM on your WR. Today Davis had 9 total tackles and 2 of which were tackles for losses. Biased aside, I would put Demario Davis in the conversation as of the top three Linebackers in the league. 

The Saints with their win today are the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff berth. This team looks to keep the streak alive when they head off to Philadelphia to take on Carson Wentz and the struggling Eagles. Can the Saints keep the motor running? We shall see next week.

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