Florida Was A Shoe In.. And Then They Were Not

Who throws a shoe, honestly?

I seriously still can’t believe that the Gators blew their CFP chances because of a shoe.

Listen, this year has been brutal for the LSU football program. They are without their 2 best receivers in Chase and Marshall. They lost their starting QB Myles Brennan to injury. The best Corner Back in the nation, Derek Stingley, was out due to injury last night. Their 5-star stud Tight End decided to quit because he was home sick. Coach Orgeron is hooking up with 20-year old’s and posting it on Instagram. But that did not stop LSU from competing their ass of last night in Gainesville. 

Freshman QB Max Johnson was fantastic. He went 21-35 for 239 yards and 3 Touchdowns last night. Johnson, a true Freshman, making his first start on the road in the swamp and putting up those kinds of numbers is impressive. He has a very calming demeanor kind of like Joe Burrow. He was in complete control last night and made very few mistakes.

The defense finally came to play. They picked of Heisman front runner Kyle Trask twice, one of them being a pick 6. The other interception was some type of voodoo play where it bounced off 2 defenders into Jay Ward’s hands, who was on his knees during the play.

But, what happened late in the 4th quarter will be talked about for YEARS to come. Florida had just tied up the game and LSU took possession with 2:51 left in the 4th quarter.  On 3rd and 10, Max Johnson completes a pass to Kole Taylor for 4 yards to force a 4th down. It looks like Florida is going to get the ball back and then all of a sudden out of no where, Marco Wilson launches Taylor’s shoe about 20 yards down the field. WHAT AN IDIOT!! 

Result: 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty which results in a first down for the LSU Tigers.


I understand getting fired up and emotions being a part of the game. But, how do you get that fired up and do something that stupid? Just celebrate with your teammates and run off the field. He literally threw a shoe. I still can’t believe it.

You know another thing I couldn’t believe? Cade York with one of the most ballsy kicks I have ever seen in my life. It reminded me of Adam Vinatieri’s FG in the snow against the Raiders back in 2002. You could barely see the field on TV, and Cade York NAILS a 57 yard game winning Field Goal, on the road in dense fog.

Of course, Pelini goes into a prevent defense and Florida goes down and has an attempt from 51 yards out, but it hooks wide left. Tigers win.

Moral of the story listen to Austin Powers and don’t throw shoes. It gets you nowhere in life.

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